Honda CRF110F Shift Shaft Brace

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CRF110F           Shift Shaft Brace

CAD designed, CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum 18.5mm wide body.  The 16mm long oil embedded bronze bushing is self lubricating with a 590lb dynamic radial load capacity.  And it's 45% harder than aluminum, giving you long lasting performance.  The brace helps prevent your shifter shaft from bending.  Fast, simple installation.  Will require trimming of the stock plastic sprocket cover or combine it with one of our JTI sprocket covers or case savers with no modifications needed.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY KNOCK-OFFS!!   Theses are the original billet braces that we've been building since 2019.  (compare the thickness and shaft support length)

Fits:  2013-Present Honda CRF110F   

Note:  Requires shifter to be in good operating condition and shift shaft to be straight and in the correct position. (many are bent and can normally be straightened successfully, but may have to be replaced.  Inspect your shift shaft by rotating it and looking for any movement, up-down or forward-back to indicate if it is bent.)


 100% MADE IN THE  

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